Fees & Donations

We offer a wide range of in-home behavioral consultations and training sessions for the Ames/Boone and surrounding areas. The fees from these sessions are donations to the Underdog’s Triumph non-profit organization and will go towards helping other lost, abandoned, abused or neglected canines in the area. Contact us to schedule either of these two training options below!


In Home Services for Basic Training:

We do training on your time, when you’re available. Here we can work on a large array of common “nice” manner behaviors such as waiting to go through doors, walking on a loose leash, not jumping on guests, to basic obedience items such as sit, come, down, and even tricks like wave, jump, shake, and more. Training these basic behaviors builds the bond between you and your dog. And as a bonus, you’ll have a new wonderfully polite member of the family. To schedule a visit, please use the contact form and select “Basic Training” as a reason for contacting. See prices below.

In Home Services for Behavioral Issues:

One on one training sessions work best for diagnosing and modifying behavioral issues such as aggression, destructive chewing, house training, separation anxiety, fearful, reactivity to other people/dogs, and more. Behavioral issues are challenging for even the most dedicated owner and they are also the types of behaviors put dogs most at risk for being relinquished to shelters. Thus addressing and modifying these behaviors are a core focus point of our rescue and training mission. In these sessions we can diagnose the behaviors we are seeing and discuss possible causes and solutions towards modifying the behavior. To schedule a visit, please use the contact form and select “Behavioral Consult” as a reason for contacting. See prices below.

What’s included?

  • A pre-visit survey – here you will describe what concerning behaviors you are seeing, what changes you like to see and any other relevant information we might need.
  • In home visit – we’ll meet, evaluate your dogs behaviors and discuss training options.
  • Personalized training plan – based on the evaluation, we will design a custom training plan that works for you and your dog to help you get the results you want.
  • Unlimited email support

Prices & Options

  • Consultation & first session- 1.5 hr = $50
  • All future sessions – 1 hr = $40
  • Package deals – please contact us for pricing if you’d like to bulk buy a group number of classes.