In-Home Training Solutions

At Underdog’s Triumph we believe in building a strong, reliable, long lasting relationship with your dog. We promote positive and force-free methods of science backed training. We utilize either a clicker or vocal marker to capture wanted behavior to reinforce the desired behaviors and devalue the unwanted ones. Additionally, our training will information about basic psychology, learning theory and understanding of dog’s body language and movements to deepen communication between human and canine.

Above all else we want training to be a fun enjoyable experience for both the human(s) and the canine(s). We want you to look forward to training and feel proud of your dog (and yourself) when out in public, at a friends or at the park.

To further these goals, we offer custom in-home training for those dealing with things like:

  • puppy socialization (socialization, potty training, loose leash walking)
  • basic obedience (sit, come, stay, loose leash walking, etc)
  • improving good manners (nice greetings, waiting until released, boundary training, etc)
  • behavioral issues (barking, separation anxiety, house training, aggression, fear, etc)

Please contact us if you are interested in either of these training options or visit our training fees/donations page for more information